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Avoid the common mistakes made by many runners.

Written by an experienced marathoner who has learned the hard way, this informative  report shows you how to run the best marathon you can. Lots of practical 'how-to' knowledge for:

  • Pre-race week preparation

  • The Race Plan - what's your strategy?

  • Running The Race - what you should know

  • Things Not To Do...

The marathon race strategies report was inspired by a recent '26.2' survey of marathon finishers, that revealed over 70% of them did not meet their time goal and had a difficult race.

This concise report will help you prepare for, and run, your race. You will benefit from the lessons learned from years of marathon running.

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About the Author

Mike Stapenhurst is an experienced runner who has completed over 25 marathons, including the Boston marathon and the New York marathon. He wrote this report based on his own experiences, and those of many marathon runners, who had done all the training, but still ended up having problems during the race.

Mike is the author of many articles on running, and he is also co-author of the e-book 'Marathon Training' - a brand new edition is available here from

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  • How to set your marathon time goal

  • How to pick the best training schedule

  • How to avoid injuries

  • How to avoid cramps during the race

  • And lots more...

Great for beginners and experienced runners alike!

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