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"Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races, one after another" - Walter Elliott

Our marathon training schedule covers an 18 week period to help you get ready for your next marathon. This guide covers three levels of training:

  • Beginner

  • Intermediate

  • Experienced

See below for a description of each level and how to determine which schedule you should follow


The Beginner program is not too strenuous and should enable the marathoner with limited experience (including first time marathon participants) to finish the 26.2 miles without too much difficulty. More info'

The Intermediate training level will suit many runners with a good running base and several previous marathons. It is designed to build sufficient strength and endurance to get you to complete a marathon close to, or better than, your personal best time.

The Experienced schedule is aimed at runners who have already run several good marathons and are looking to improve their performance. It is not an easy program, but if you can complete it without a lot of strain, then you should do well in the actual marathon.

Which level are you at?

Use the table below to determine which schedule is best for you...


Training Category

Target finish times

Marathons Completed


3h 30m and over

0 to 4


3h 10m to 4h 10m

4 or more


2h 30m or more

6 or more


Note: These are only guidelines, and there is overlap between the categories. Many other factors will influence your ability to meet a marathon time goal, including your age, gender and your race times for shorter distances like 10K.