Marathon Training Schedule - Advanced Level

Week  #  14



Marathon Training Tip Of The Week: - Tapering & Recovery!

This is a welcome stage in the training as we enter the tapering phase during the last four weeks. If you have had an injury or a cold recently this is the time to ease up and recover. If need be, you can skip a day here and there without affecting your training level.  Remember to follow the program as closely as possible though...

With just a two or three weeks left until your  marathon  I'll be recommending some of my articles that can help you run a better race. The first one deals with a common problem most marathon runners experience - cramps!

How to avoid Cramps during the Marathon




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Marathon Training Schedule: Week 14

During the tapering phase of the program there are still some long runs to get through, but the overall weekly mileage is decreasing and you will be feeling stronger.




Advanced Level: Week 14 Mileage Chart

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Total Miles
5 S Rest 10 T 8 E Rest 21 L 6 E 50

E - Easy Pace; HD - Hard Pace; HL - Hills; L - Long Slow Run; M - Marathon Pace; T - Tempo


This week the mileage will continue to decline to 50 miles as you get into the Taper in earnest. Keeping up with proper nutrition for your body will begin to get easier as the workload decreases. Now may be the time to look at the coming weeks and generally map out your carbohydrate requirements for the period. Remember, you still have protein requirements as well.

Below are the suggested day-by-day training goals for this week's training. Don't worry if you have to miss a day, or make adjustments. This is an 18 week program and you have plenty of time to get back on track.




Week 14 Daily Training Schedule




Day 1:
Five miles of speed work to start the week. Please see Week 13 speed work day and repeat the workout.

Day 2:
Today now becomes a Rest day as your Taper continues. Stretch and cross train, non-weight bearing please.

Day 3:
This is a tempo run of 10 miles and is designed to reinforce your ability to stay on pace.

Day 4:

This is an easy 8 miles with some light stretching after.

Day 5:
Another rest day. Stretching and maybe an easy bike ride or other non-weight bearing activity. Don’t forget to take in some extra carbs tonight.

Day 6:
It has been an easy week so the long slow run will be 21 miles today, the longest of your program. Three hours plus duration maybe. Take your time and enjoy the scenery; the time on your feet is the important part of this run, not how quick your run it.

Day 7:
Six easy miles of recovery, followed by light stretching as usual. Good week of effort for only 5 days of training.


Marathon Program Training Tips

  • Don't try to break in a new pair of shoes on your long run day, especially this close to the marathon.

  • Make sure you follow a proper recovery routine after the long run - cool down and stretching, fluid replenishment and plenty of carbohydrates.



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