Marathon Training Schedule - Intermediate

Week  #  16



Marathon Training Tip Of The Week: - Relax and Get Stronger!

Last week we talked about the importance of focusing mentally on the challenges of the approaching race. During the last full week of training you need to relax physically with lots of time off and nice easy paced runs. In some ways the tapering period is the most important part of your training program! This is when your body benefits and gets stronger from the reduced running schedule.

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Marathon Training Schedule: Week 16

With your marathon coming up next week you need to continue taking things fairly easy. You are building up to a peak effort... If you feel like it, go for a brisk walk on one of your rest days.




Intermediate Level: Week 16 Mileage Chart

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Total Miles
4 M Rest 4 E 4 M Rest 10 L 3 E 25

E - Easy Pace; HD - Hard Pace; HL - Hills; L - Long Slow Run; M - Marathon Pace; T - Tempo


Your Taper continues and you are feeling like a million bucks, right? A few notes to remember for the coming week. Do the scheduled mileage at the suggested pace and nothing more. It has been said, only one thing can come from working too hard on your training from now to marathon day and that is getting injured. There is much truth in this saying.

Below are the suggested day-by-day training goals for this week's training. Don't worry if you have to miss a day, or make adjustments. This is an 18 week program and you have plenty of time to get back on track.




Week 16 Daily Training Schedule



Day 1:

Start the week off with 4 miles at your marathon pace and do your stretching.

Day 2;
This is a rest day. Go for a walk or a bike ride on flat terrain.

Day 3:
Four miles at an easy pace followed by light stretching and a lot of patience.

Day 4:
Another 4 miles at marathon pace. Tapering is boring but necessary. Just remain patient.

Day 5:
Another day of rest. Hope you survive it. Oh yes, remember your stretching.

Day 6:
A long slow distance run of 10 miles is scheduled for today. At your level of training and experience, if you would like to treat it as a mini time trial at your chosen marathon pace, then do so. Remember do not go any faster than your chosen marathon pace. The other option is to just “stay the course” as there will be less of a chance that you may injure yourself.

Day 7:
The recovery run today calls for an easy 3 miles. Stretch lightly please.


Marathon Program Training Tips

  • Remember the goal of this section of the program is to get your body ready for the effort you will need to make during the marathon.

  • Mental preparation for the race is also an important factor. Don't worry about every little ache you might be feeling right now. (Although you should ice any tender areas.)



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