Marathon Training Schedule - Intermediate

Week  #  2



Marathon Training Tip Of The Week: - Running Smart...

During the course of a typical 16 week marathon training program you will run 600 - 800 miles depending on your training level! This is over 35 miles per week and your chances of getting injured are much higher than during your regular running. You should aim to avoid injury at all costs because it will seriously disrupt your training schedule. If you are beginning to hurt during a training run, don’t be afraid to slow down or walk. Avoid the pressure of ‘keeping up’ if you are running with others. Read our article on avoiding injuries now, right at the start of your training program.



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Marathon Training Schedule: Week 2

Welcome to week # 2 of your training program. Hopefully you will be settling in to the idea of following a regular marathon training program. The results will start to show in a few weeks and will definitely help you succeed on marathon day.




Intermediate Level: Week 2 Mileage Chart

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Total Miles
6 T Rest 4 E 5 E Rest 10 L 4 E 29

E - Easy Pace; HD - Hard Pace; HL - Hills; L - Long Slow Run; M - Marathon Pace; T - Tempo


This is your second week of 25+ miles and 5 days of running.  The base building period in this program is 4 weeks in duration and it is designed so you can think about things like getting enough rest and sort out the demands on your time from not only the running program, but work and family too.  Do not neglect the importance of the afore-mentioned.  Too much outside stress will definitely impact on your running goals.

Below are the suggested day-by-day training goals for this week's training. Don't worry if you have to miss a day, or make adjustments. This is an 18 week program and you have plenty of time to get back on track.




Week 2 Daily Training Schedule



Day 1:

Today you will start with a 6 mile tempo run (refer to Tempo run ).

Day 2:

This is a rest day and you may want to do some easy cross-training like biking. Please do your stretching.

Day 3:

An easy 4 miler. No heavy breathing; there will be lots of time for that later.

Day 4:

This is another easy day, but a 5 miler. You will probably feel fresher today.

Day 5:

Rest and Stretch.

Day 6:

LSD of 10 miles (refer to long slow distance definition). Consider this your hard day due to the length of the run.

Day 7:

This is really a 4 mile recovery run to get some of the stiffness out of your body. Please take it easy and have a good light stretch afterwards.


Marathon Program Training Tips

  • Running with a club? In my early running days, the local running club would go out on Wednesdays for a fairly hard 10 miles. We would all try and keep up with the front runners, even though their marathon times were 45 minutes faster than ours. This definitely did more harm than good both to our marathon training and our race times. Make sure you stick to your own pace goals when running with others…

  • Keep motivated! You may find that your motivation level varies a lot at the start of marathon training for all kinds of reasons (health, stress, work commitments etc.). Reading running magazines or browsing the web for useful marathon articles will help to keep you going. Running with others is also a great motivator.



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